Job details and Duties of an Esthetician

Some of the services an esthetician will provide are facials. And a facial is going to help assess, what kind of skincare problems a person might have and how to resolve them. A lot of times the esthetician will go through the steps of the facial, ask the client which issues they would like to address and then, a lot of times, at the end of the facial they recommend a product. A lot of people think that they’re just trying to sell them something, that’s often times not the case. If you have, you know, acne or fine lines or age spots and you want to get rid of that, the majority of how that’s going to, you know, be removed is through your products or your at-home regiment. Because I can give you a facial every day for the rest of your life but if you’re not using the products to help remove this issues you’re not going to see any improvement.

Also, they provide back facials, that’s for people who have back acne and they lie down and they do the whole facial procedure on the back and they get rid of all the stuff that’s in there. Another big portion of an esthetician’s job is make-up. We actually have a whole chapter devoted to make up. For me, that wasn’t enough, I needed more hands-on training. I went through a separate company, got my certification through them. I did not need that certification, I did that for my own benefit. When I have my license and I pass the test I was allowed to also do make up under my scope of license, just to give you an overview.


Obviously, we do hair removal too, through waxing or threading. My school did not offer threading so I’m actually forward to in the future going to get separate training for that. As far as waxing is concerned, a lot of estheticians do face and the bodies. Sometimes it just depends on where they work. I know I worked at this one place where they only did facial waxing. You can get your eyebrows done, your upper lip done. You can get your arm, your underarm. You can get basically anything waxed that they allow on the service menu.

We also offer body treatments. A body treatment is not just focusing on the face, obviously, like it says it’s for the whole body. And that can include a salt glow, an allover sugar scrub or a mud wrap and those are, often times, where they lay them on the table and if it’s a scrub or a salt glow they’ll scrub the whole body with the product and then rinse them down. Or if it’s a wrap they’ll apply the product to penetrate the skin and then wrap them in something like a towel and things like that. With a sheet and then have like a heat so that they can absorb, the product can absorb better.

We also offer some forms of exfoliation to address anti-aging issues such as, you know, acne scars or deep wrinkles, sun damage, things like that. And the services to address those issues would be peeled and microdermabrasion, I can go more into that but a lot of people already know kind of what that is. Peels, what it’s like a type of acid. There are different types of acid and they’re just basically applied to the skin and they basically burn off some of your skin and that helps. It hurts but it helps. What that means is that it’s going to remove some of the skin but it’s also going to allow new skin to come up and grow which will give your face a more plump and, you know, baby-looking skin kind of effect. It’s more like where they take this little wand or this tube that, you know, is blasting little fine grains of, it’s not sand It’s something else. But they go across and then it sucks them up and then it’s basically kike, you know, a more severe form of a scrub, if you will.