What an Esthetician is?

I know a lot of times when I tell people I’m an esthetician they don’t really understand what that means. So, I’m going to give you a brief overview. I’m going to try and include some pictures to give you an example of what certain services look like and what you can expect when you go into an esthetician’s treatment room. Right now I have notes so if I look down I’m referencing them.

An esthetician is somebody who focuses on skincare. That may be obvious to some people, it might not be. Like a cosmetologist, they go to school for a specific amount of hours. At the end of their schooling, when the hours are complete, they take a test. Basically like a final exam or finals in university or high school. Just basically show that you have the know-how and knowledge and you understand everything they’ve taught you over the course.


After you pass that, you then get a date to take your state board licensing exam. And that is basically what is going to determine whether you can or cannot legally work within your state. I have my license. I passed first time. That was amazing. I would never want to do that again unless it was in a different field. For skincare I have my license. I don’t want to take that test again so I studied my but off and I can say that I don’t have to ever go back to Glendale and deal with that whole thing ever again.